Welcome to N&DCA

The Northumberland and Durham Cycling Association (N&DCA) exists to provide a Best All Rounder (BAR) competition and individual distance championships to time trial riders of the North East.

If that sounds a tad daunting and highly competitive, please let us start by clearly stating that Time Trialing is for anybody aged 12 and over with a bicycle and riders of all ages, sizes and abilities are welcome at our events.

Time Trialing – Anybody Can Do It

N&DCA also aims to introduce Time Trialing to a wider audience and we want to immediately dispel a few myths about our sport.

If you think Time Trialing is only populated by riders who ride futuristic looking bikes, tight fitting skin suits and space age helmets then please, please, please, think again. We’ve addressed some Time Trialing Myths here and want to stress that our sport welcomes everybody aged 12 and over with a bike.

If you are unsure about giving Time Trialing a go then we’d strongly suggest visiting our guide to riding your first time trial and Tracey Sample’s excellent guide to why Time Trialing is great training tool for riders of all abilities and disciplines.