Current BAR Standings

Updated rankings are now held here in Spindata.

How are the Rankings Calculated?

Competition are points based – the higher the placing in an event, the more points the rider gets (highest awarded points being 120).  So for example, during the 2023 season, Lewis Wake won the Hilly 21 so got 120 points, Adam Smith came second and got 119 points etc. 

The women simply get their points allocated as per their finishing position in the race, so the fastest Woman wouldn’t get 120 points the same as Lewis.

How do I Complete the BAR?

For the 2024 competition, riders will have to complete 3 Short Events, 2 Medium Events and 1 Long event – they can do more, but Spindata will just take their best scores from each distance.

Which Events Count Towards the BAR?

All individual Open TTs held during the normal TT season count towards the BAR – the last event being the Vags 100 and Barnesbury 25 on Sunday 1st September, after which we move into the Hill Climb season.


Riders also have to do a marshalling/volunteering stint.  This can include marshalling at either an Open or Club event, putting out signage, photography, being a race organiser etc.

Without volunteers we do not have racing. Organisers are under a lot of pressure to find marshalls and we urge everyone to take their turn at least once or twice per season.

You may be surprised at how enjoyable it can be.