N&DCA Individual Championship Trophy

Awarded for best all rounder

YearRiderClub or TeamAverage Speed/ Points
2019Lewis TimminsTeam Swift719 Points
2018Adam WildGS Metro719 points
2017Adam WildTyneside Vags719 points
2016Dan GrievesGS Metro838 points
2015Dan GrievesGS Metro720 points
2014Carl DonaldsonGS Metro720 points
2013Keith MurrayStrategic Lions Cycling719 points
2012J Sturmanblumilk.com27.187 mph
2010B WalkerTeam Swift26.429 mph
2009J SturmanActiv Cycles27.35 mph
2008J SturmanDerwentside CC26.32 mph
2007H WalkerHadrian RC26.525 mph
2006W MitchinsonVC Briganti26.082 mph
2005W MitchinsonBannantyne CRT25.422 mph
2004J GavaghanWansbeck CC25.78 mph
2003W MitchinsonVS Briganti26.24 mph
2002M SladdinGS Metro25.6 mph
2001C BlacklockZeus CRT25.09 mph
2000G BellTyne Velo25.98 mph
1999G BellTyne Velo25.59 mph
1998S GibbCramlington CC24.882 mph
1997B WalkerGS Metro27.358 mph
1996G BellTyne Velo26.199 mph
1995G BellCramlington CC26.529 mph
1994P WildsmithBarnesbury CC25.649 mph
1993P WildsmithBarnesbury CC26.739 mph
1992P WildsmithBarnesbury CC25.918 mph
1991P WildsmithBarnesbury CC25.350 mph
1990J JosephGS Metro25.164 mph
1989J JosephGS Metro25.339 mph
1988P ChapmanTyne Velo26.151 mph
1987M BradshawGS Metro26.530 mph
1986D GillingsTyne Velo24.606 mph
1985D McCready24.613 mph
1984D Gillings24.973 mph
1983S Clark24.771 mph
1982J WatsonBarnesbury CC24.345 mph
1981J Watson23.649 mph
1980D McCready23.74 mph
1979J Joseph24.32 mph
1978J Joseph24.861 mph
1977T Greener24.936 mph
1976T Greener24.737 mph
1975T Greener24.119 mph
1974W Clayton23.248 mph
1971W Clayton22.988 mph
1970D Clayton22.876 mph
1969W Clayton22.534 mph
1968LE Orrick22.867 mph
1967DJ Reay22.611 mph
1966J Anderson22.291 mph
1964DJ Reay22.536 mph
1963DJ Reay21.984 mph
1962W Clayton22.659 mph
1961W Clayton22.635 mph
1960W Clayton22.707 mph
1959J Lee22.743 mph
1958J Lee22.427 mph
1957N Shiell22.526 mph
1956JB Newman22.374 mph
1955RN Hudson22.384 mph
1954R Mayne22.110 mph
1953RF Longstaff22.179 mph
1952R Mayne21.790 mph
1951N Moore21.562 mph
1950RF Longstaff21.815 mph

Jesmond Cycling Club – The Presidents Cup – Presented by JB Campell Esq, President, 1924

Awarded for Best All Rounder – Veteran on standard

YearRiderClub or TeamVets plus/ Points
2019Philip Kennell
Venda Pollock
GS Metro
Blaydon CC
717 Points
720 Points
2018Nev MartinGS Metro720 points
2017Colin AtkinsonEMC717 points
2016Nev MartinAdept Precision RT838 points
2015Ingrid ShepherdSunderland Clarion CC720 points
2014Nev MartinTWFRS CC720 points
2013Ben LaneGS Metro717 points
2012J Sturmanblumilk.com+89:29
2010R BellRyton Tri+109:54
2009R BellRyton Tri+70:26
2008R BellRyton Tri+82:17
2007P MannersBarnesbury CC+143:56
2006R LongstaffZeus CRT+114:07
2005R LongstaffZeus CRT+106:06
2004R RossTyneside Vagabonds CC+130:02
2003R RossTyneside Vagabonds CC+117:41
2002P MannersBarnesbury CC+139:54
2001R LongstaffZeus CRT+171:00
2000R LongstaffZeus CRT
1999R LongstaffZeus CRT
1998R LongstaffCramlington CC
1997K LongstaffCramlington CC
1996R LongstaffBarnesbury CC
1995R LongstaffBarnesbury CC
1994P WildsmithBarnesbury CC
1993P WildsmithBarnesbury CC
1992P WildsmithBarnesbury CC
1991W ClaytonTyne RC
1990J JosephGS Metro
1989R LongstaffTyne Velo
1988J JosephGS Metro
1987J AndersonH RC
1986J AndersonH RC
1985J WatsonBarnesbury CC
1984J TelfordTyne RC
1983J WatsonBarnesbury CC
1982J WatsonBarnesbury CC
1981J JonesBarnesbury CC
1980RF LongstaffGosforth RC
1979J JonesBarnesbury CC
1978J JonesBarnesbury CC
1977J JonesBarnesbury CC
1976F BakerTyne RC
1975W ClaytonTyne RC
1974J JonesBarnesbury CC

N&DCA Womens Best All Rounder Shield

Awarded for best all rounder – Women

YearRiderClub or TeamAverage
2019Gemma FrostTeam Swift720 Points
2018Gemma FrostTeam Swift720 points
2017Venda PollockBreeze Bikes RT720 points
2016Fiona BurnieBishop Auckland CC840 points
2015Ingrid ShepherdSunderland Clarion CC720 points
2014Angela HibbsTyneside Vagabonds CC720 points
2013Dawn SherrinGS Metro720 points
2010Lucy SillTyneside Vagabonds CC20.823 mph
2009Claire HarrisonDerwentside CC19.518 mph
2003Clare WatkinRyton Tri22.75 mph
2002Clare WatkinRyton Tri22.95 mph
2001Clare WatkinRyton Tri22.37 mph
2000Clare WatkinRyton Tri22.09 mph
1999Clare WatkinRyton Tri22.50 mph
1998Gillian Priest23.066 mph
1997Gillian Priest22.757 mph
1996Gillian Priest21.673 mph
1995Gillian Priest20.879 mph
1994Ayeshah Chouhdrey
20.879 mph
1993Ayeshah Chouhdrey
21.716 mph
1990Judith Logan20.841 mph
1989Judith Logan21.131 mph

Roabike Champion

Awarded to the best all rounder on Road Bike

YearRiderClub or TeamPoints
2019Jon Bayley
Sarah Wilkinson
Reifen Racing
Blaydon CC
720 Points
720 Points
2018Mark RobertsonArmy Cycling Union720 points
2017Nick BadcockAllen Valley Velo720 points
2016Colin AtkinsonMuckle CC839 points

Northern Unity Cycling Club Championship Trophy – N&DCA Novice Championship

Awarded for Best All Rounder – Junior

YearRider Club or TeamAverage Speed / points
2018Adam JarpsTeam Bottrill 480 points
2017Adam JarpsManilla Cycling480 points
2016Daniel DixonGosforth RC480 points
2015T HordonBarnesbury CC720 points
2014Adam WildTyneside Vagabonds CC720 points
2013Tim WilcockTyneside Vagabonds CC719 points
2011K WattsTyneside Vagabonds CC24.365 mph
2010K WattsTyneside Vagabonds CC23.75 mph
2009K WattsTyneside Vagabonds CC20.91 mph
2008A HogarthTyneside Vagabonds CC22.22 mph
2005J WarrinerZeus CRT23.044 mph
2004L McGovernBarnesbury CC21.273 mph
1997R Guy24.730 mph
1995A Fuller23.782 mph
1994A Wilson22.575 mph
1993P Atkinson25.192 mph
1992P Atkinson25.074 mph
1991R Watmore25.615.mph
1990G Turnbull24.970 mph
1989S Walton24.445 mph
1988A Phillips24.970 mph
1987L Jameson25.399 mph
1986H Walker25.799 mph
1985P Cunningham25.171 mph
1984P Cunningham24.531 mph
1983P Cunningham24.357 mph
1982S Clark24.986 mph
1981D Ritchie24 .262 mph
1980DA Ritchie24.6 mph
1979D Ritchie24.788 mph
1978M Mc Vittie23.561 mph
1977N Clark23.144 mph
1973D Longstaff24.750 mph
1972D Longstaff23.423 mph
1971D Longstaff21.667 mph
1970SR Tait21.617 mph
1969J Brown22.927 mph
1968JA Waugh22.52 mph
1967D Pearson22.519 mph
1966E Wilkinson22.649 mph
1965R Dickson22.303 mph
1964N Brown23.438 mph
1963EJ Wylde23.431 mph
1962J Crombie22.331 mph
1961JA Dixon22.554 mph
1960J Bambrough22.678 mph
1959GK Ferry23.427 mph
1958JB Lawley22.342 mph
1957KG Thompson22.774 mph
1956W Clayton23.673 mph
1955TA Young23.556 mph
1954R Williamson22.821 mph
1953A Vaughan23.168 mph

N&DCA Team Race League Shield

Awarded for Best All Round team of three

YearClub or TeamAverage Speed/ Points
2019Team Kirkley Cycles2110 points
2018GS Metro2110 points
2017Blaydon CC2114 points
2016GS Metro 2400 points
2015GS Metro2,144 points
2014GS Metro2,119 points
2013Barnesbury CC2,055 points
2012Tyneside Vagabonds CC22.755 mph
2008Tyneside Vagabonds CC23.35 mph
2007Tyneside Vagabonds CC24.33 mph
2006Wansbeck CC
2004Tyneside Vagabonds CC
2003Tyneside Vagabonds CC
2002Zeus CRT
2001Zeus CRT24.88 mph
2000Zeus CRT23.58 mph
1997Tyne Velo25.242 mph
1996Tyneside Vagabonds CC23.936 mph
1995Cramlington CC24.641 mph
1994Cramlington CC23.678 mph
1993VC Nouveau23.925 mph
1992VC Nouveau23.983 mph
1991Tyne RC23.252 mph
1990Barnesbury CC23.922 mph
1989GS Metro24.642 mph
1988GS Metro24.774 mph
1987GS Metro25.234 mph
1986Tyne Velo
1985Gosforth RC
1984Tyne Velo
1982Barnesbury CC
1981Barnesbury CC
1980Barnesbury CC
1979Barnesbury CC
1978Barnesbury CC
1977Barnesbury CC
1976Barnesbury CC
1975North Shields Poly
1974Tyne RC
1971Tyne RC
1970Tyne RC
1969Tyne RC
1968Tyne RC
1967Tyne RC
1966Tyne RC
1963North Shields Poly
1962Tyne RC
1961Tyne RC
1960Tyne RC
1959Tyneside Vagabonds CC
1958Tyneside Vagabonds CC
1957Tyne RC
1956Tyne RC
1955Northumbrian RC
1954Northumbrian RC
1953Weardale RC
1952Weardale RC
1951Weardale RC
1950Tyneside Vagabonds CC
1949Tyneside Vagabonds CC
1948Northumbrian RC
1947Northumbrian RC
1946Barnesbury CC
1939Barnesbury CC
1938Barnesbury CC
1937Barnesbury CC
1936Barras RC
1935Barnesbury CC
1934Barras RC
1933Barras RC
1932Barras RC
1931Northern Unity CC
1930Stockton Wheelers CC
1929Barnesbury CC
1928Northern Unity CC

Veterans Team League

Awarded for Best All Round team of three

YearClub or TeamPoints
2019Blaydon CC2099 points
2018Blaydon CC2071 points
2017Muckle CC2130 points
2016Houghton CC2350 points
2015Barnesbury CC2,015

Hill Climb League – Overall

YearRiderClub or TeamPoints
2020Marcus CramBlaydon CC
2019Colin AtkinsonMuckle CC
2018Zeb KyffinRibble Pro Cycling839
2017Zeb KyffinGS Metro718
2016Tim WilcoxGS Metro 840
2015Jon BayleyGosforth RC597
2014Mick JonesDerwentside CC360

Hill Climb League – Vets

YearRiderClub or TeamPoints
2020Colin AtkinsonMuckle CC
2019Colin AtkinsonMuckle CC
2018Colin AtkinsonMuckle CC840
2017Colin AtkinsonMuckle CC720
2016Colin AtkinsonEMC837
2015Michael OpenshawCestria CC600
2014Michael OpenshawCestria CC360

Hill Climb League – Ladies

YearRiderClub or TeamPoints
2020Hannah FarranTeam Boompods
2019Hannah FarranTeam Boompods
2018Sarah WilkinsonCestria CC837
2017Gemma FrostMuckle CC 720
2016Fiona BurnieBishop Auckland CC840
2015Ingrid ShepherdSunderland Clarion CC600
2014Angela HibbsTyneside Vagabonds CC360

Hill Climb League – Juniors

YearRiderClub or TeamPoints
2017Daniel DixonGosforth RC717
2015T HordonBarnesbury CC599
2014T HordonBarnesbury CC360

Hill Climb League – Team

Awarded for best team of three

YearClub or TeamPoints
2020Muckle CC
2019Muckle CC
2018Muckle CC2462
2017Muckle CC2116
2016Muckle CC2391
2015Gosforth RC1,722
2014GS Metro1,051

N&DCA Gilbert Todd Memorial Trophy

Awarded for Fastest 10 mile time trial at specified event

YearRiderClub or TeamTime
2019Lewis TimmonsTeam Swift22:16
2018Adam WildGS Metro18:59
2017Danny GrievesGS Metro20:44
2016Carl DonaldsonGS Metro22:48
2015C DonaldsonGS Metro21:35
2014K MurrayFerryhill Wheelers CC20:23
2013K MurrayStrategic Lions Cycling21:33
2012A FullerGS Metro20:47
2011B WalkerTeam Swift22:47
2010B WalkerTeam Swift22:03
2009M HarrisNorthumberland Police CC22:38
2008R MeadowsPezule RT20:32
2007M HarrisNorthumberland Police CC20:39
2006M HarrisNorthumberland Police CC21:42
2005C IsatsBerwick Wheelers CC21:03
2004M HarrisNorthumberland Police CC22:39
2003W MitchinsonVS Briganti21:15
2002J SturmanDerwentside CC21:37
2001T TiffenZeus CRT21:35
2000G BellTyne Velo21:25
1999D ElliotZeus CRT20:51
1998J WaughGuru21:16
1997P Wildsmith21:36

N&DCA Len Whellens Memorial Trophy

Awarded for Fastest 25 mile time trial at specified event

YearRiderClub or TeamTime
2018Adam WildGS Metro52:07
2017Carl DonaldsonGS Metro53:28
2016Carl Donaldson GS Metro51:37
2015D GrievesGS Metro55:29
2014K MurrayFerryhill Wheelers CC54:31:00
2013A FullerGS Metro57:04:00
2012A FullerGS Metro53:09:00
2011N MartinInfinity Cycles RT58:29:00
2010D RobinsonTyneside Vagabonds CC55:06:00
2009D MunnellyKB Cycles RT55:06:00
2008N PaytonTeam Swift58:17:00
2007J SturmanDerwentside CC56:22:00
2006H WalkerHadrian RT55:44:00
2005W MitchinsonBannantyne CRT57:03:00
2004M HarrisNorthumbrian Police CC56:24:00
2003W MitchinsonVS Briganti54:44:00
2002P CookDerwentside CC57:51:00
2001G BlacklockZeus CRT57:25:00
2000G BellTyne Velo58:10:00
1999H WalkerGuru54:13:00
1998D Elliot56:53:00
1997C Blacklock55:44:00
1996P Wildsmith56:46:00
1995P Wildsmith55:38:00
1994H Walker55:17:00
1993 TIEP Wildsmith56:17 TIE
1993 TIEH Walker56.17 TIE
1992L Forster57:25:00
1991M Bradshaw57:10:00
1990D Gunn01:00:51
1989P Chapman56:11:00
1988M Bradshaw55:04:00
1987M Bradshaw55:24:00
1986M Bradshaw54:20:00

Jesmond Cycling Club Anniversary Cup – to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the club 1921-1931

Awarded for Fastest 50 mile time trial at specified event

YearRiderClub or TeamTime
2018Lewis TimminsTeam Swift1:48:55
2017Carl DonaldsonGS Metro1:40:08
2016Carl DonaldsonGS Metro1:45:49
2015C DonaldsonGS Metro01:59:23
2014C DonaldsonGS Metro01:48:59
2012J Sturmanblumilk.com01:48:28
2011J GavaghanWansbeck CC01:55:47
2010B WalkerTeam Swift01:55:57
2009J TuckettAW Cycles01:48:27
2008J SturmanDerwentside CC01:53:56
2007H WalkerHadrian RC01:56:14
2006W MitchinsonVC Briganti01:56:12
2005W MitchinsonBannatyne CRT01:53:13
2004W MitchinsonBannatyne CRT01:51:07
2003W MitchinsonVS Briganti01:51:48
2002M SladdinGS Metro01:56:36
2001D McreadyCCS Racing01:58:38
2000M GibsonHoughton CC01:57:00
1999S WaltonBarnesbury CC01:57:31
1998J WaughGuru01:54:38
1997B WalkerGS Metro01:49:00
1996P WildsmithMiddridge CRT01:51:40
1995P WildsmithBarnesbury CC01:55:02
1994P WildsmithBarnesbury CC01:53:31
1992M BradshawGS Metro01:49:02
1991P WildsmithBarnesbury CC01:59:07
1990J LewisBorder City Wheelers01:59:32
1989M BradshawGS Metro01:53:27
1988M BradshawGS Metro01:55:50
1987M BradshawGS Metro01:58:28
1986M BradshawGS Metro02:05:48

Gateshead Cycling Club – Memorial Trophy – E Nixon, EG Forster, GC Backhouse, H Suggett, 1939-1945 “Open 25”

Awarded for Fastest 100 mile time trial at specified event

YearRider Club or TeamTime
2018Thomas HutchinsonTyneside Vagabonds04:02:26
2017Adam WildTyneside Vagabonds03:56:58
2016Carl DonaldsonGS Metro03:50:35
2015C DonaldsonGS Metro04:01:24
2014C DonaldsonGS Metro04:26:40
2012J Sturmanblumilk.com03:57:21
2011J GavaghanWansbeck CC
2010B WalkerTeam Swift03:58:51
2009J TuckettAW Cycles03:57:15
2008J SturmanDerwentside CC04:07:47
2007H WalkerHadrian RC03:53:50
2006W MitchinsonVC Briganti04:04:57
2005W MitchinsonBannatyne CRT04:13:52
2004W MitchinsonBannatyne CRT03:56:15
2003W MitchinsonVS Briganti04:06:34
2002M SladdinGS Metro04:04:28
2001D McreadyCCS Racing04:04:03
2000M GibsonHoughton CC03:58:01
1999S WaltonBarnesbury CC04:11:22
1998J WaughGuru04:16:54
1997B WalkerGS Metro03:46:03
1996P WildsmithMiddridge CRT03:57:09
1995P WildsmithBarnesbury CC03:55:41
1994P WildsmithBarnesbury CC04:07:25
1992M BradshawGS Metro04:14:07
1991P WildsmithBarnesbury CC04:10:52
1990J LewisBorder City Wheelers04:12:25
1989M BradshawGS Metro04:03:55
1988M BradshawGS Metro03:57:38
1987M BradshawGS Metro03:59:35
1986M BradshawGS Metro04:13:12

N&DCA Jack Adams Memorial Trophy

Awarded for Fastest Vet on Standard in 100 mile time trial at specified event

YearRiderClub or TeamPlus
2018Ian SimonBreeze Bikes RT+24:28
2017Hedley Fletcher Blaydon CC+39:22
2016Dominic MunnellyParentini Test Team+21:55
2015Ingrid ShepherdSunderland Clarion CC+41:30
2014B LaneGS Metro+22:46
2013D RobinsonTyneside Vagabonds CC+41:31
2012J Sturmanblumilk.com+48:46
2010R BellRyton Tri+65:41
2009R BellRyton Tri+34:14
2008P TuckwellHoughton CC+62:54
2007P MannersBarnesbury CC+87:56
2006R LongstaffZeus CRT+65:33
2005D CampbellStockton Wheelers CC+51:51
2004R RossTyneside Vagabonds CC+82:07
2003R RossTyneside Vagabonds CC+74:05
2002R LongstaffZeus CRT+87:30
2001R LongstaffZeus CRT+110:26
2000R LongstaffZeus CRT+114:46
1999R LongstaffZeus CRT+87:29
1998R LongstaffCramlington CC+101:39
1997K LongstaffCramlington CC+68:53
1996R LongstaffBarnesbury CC+102:53
1995R LongstaffBarnesbury CC+94:38
1994P WildsmithBarnesbury CC+67:02
1992W ClaytonTyne RC+55:52
1991W ClaytonTyne RC+58:57
1990Mary DawsonTeesside RC+79:56
1989W ParkerNorthumbrian RC+71:17
1988GL DawsonTeesside RC+61:45
1987R LongstaffTyne Velo+63:40
1986J JosephGS Metro+48:02
1985J WatsonBarnesbury CC+64:36
1984J TelfordTyne RC+49:31
1983J WatsonBarnesbury CC+69:46
1982J WatsonBarnesbury CC+68:36
1981J JonesBarnesbury CC+67:31