N&DCA BAR History

The Northumberland and Durham Cycling Association (N&DCA) exists to provide a Best All Rounder (BAR) competition and individual distance championships to time trial riders of the North East and has been in existence for around 100 years.

The original format of the BAR comprised a rider’s average speed for a 25 mile, a 50 mile, a 100 mile and a 12 hour time trial, however following the non-running of a 12 hour in the North East from 1972 onwards the BAR was reduced to just incorporating a 25, a 50 and a 100.

In recent years the popularity of the longer distance races, the 50 and the 100 has waned to the extent that in 2012 only seven riders completed the N&DCA BAR. This situation was discussed at the 2012 N&DCA AGM where it was decided that if the N&DCA BAR was to continue, the format of its competition must change to reflect the type of races that are currently popular with local riders.

As a result of this, a new committee was formed for the N&DCA in 2013 and a new format of the competition was proposed.

Current Competition Format

For the 2024 season, the competition format will be as follows:


Senior riders must complete:

  • 3 Short Events (anything up to and including 13 miles in distance)
  • 2 Medium events (14-39 Miles)
  • 1 Long Event (40 Miles or over)
  • 1 Marshalling/Organising role during the course of the season.

Junior riders must complete:

  • 2 Short events (anything up to and including 13 miles in distance)
  • 2 Medium events (14-39 Miles)
  • There is no requirement for juniors to undertake a marshalling role 


Senior riders must complete:

  • 5 events
  • There is no requirement in this competition to undertake a marshalling role.

Junior riders must complete:

  • 4 events
  • There is no requirement in this competition to undertake a marshalling role.


In order for a rider to be eligible for BAR points, a rider’s club or team must have affiliated to the N&DCA.

If your club is not listed and if you wish to participate in this competition please ask your club or team secretary or treasurer to affiliate to the N&DCA. They can do this by sending a cheque for £30 with a cover letter to explain who it is from to the N&DCA treasurer David Godwin, please use the contact form to get contact details. It is also possible to pay by direct bank transfer, please use the contact form to enquire about details.

Your club or team must be based in the North East or Teesside districts to affiliate to the N&DCA.

If your club is outside of these districts, or otherwise does not wish to affiliate to the N&DCA, you can still affiliate as an individual rider at a cost of £10 for the season, provided you live within the North East and Teesside districts. Please use this link to affiliate as an individual.

Affiliated Individuals and Teams (as at 17 February 2024)

J Routledge Individual 
Terry WilkinsonIndividual 
Scott Walton Individual 
Allen Valley CCClub Membership
Aln TriClub Membership
Alnwick CCClub Membership
BarnsburyClub Membership
Blaydon CCClub Membership
CestriaClub Membership
DerwentsideClub Membership
Durham City veloClub Membership
EMCClub Membership
Gosforth RCClub Membership
GS MetroClub Membership
Houghton CCClub Membership
MuckleClub Membership
Newcastle Uni CCClub Membership
Nort hTyneside RidersClub Membership
North Shields PolyClub Membership
Northumbria Police Club Membership
Outlands CCClub Membership
Protech VeloClub Membership
Reifen Racing Club Membership
SSVCCClub Membership
Sun City TriClub Membership
Sunderland ClarionClub Membership
T&W FRS CCClub Membership
Team Kirkley Club Membership
Tyne VagsClub Membership
VectorClub Membership
Velo CultureClub Membership
VO2MaxClub Membership
Wearside TriClub Membership
Zeus CRTClub Membership